Sunday, March 26, 2006

Testing New Brands of Cards

Tonight at the tournaments at Whitlow's on Wilson, the owner of came by and dropped off several decks of cards for us to use and test. Currently, we are using Copag cards. He brought by two decks of Gemaco and two decks of Modiano cards. Though I have not played with them, I like the look and feel of them. He stocks the cards locally and sells them from his website.

One of the decks of Gemaco was open when he brought them, though I do not recall which one. I put these cards into play in the second tournament we had at 9:00. About an hour later as I was walking by a table, I noticed one of the cards in the deck in the dealer's hand was marked by bending back the corner. As it turned out, it was an ace. I don't think it was an accident, though it could have been done prior to me receiving the deck. But it does make me want to go through all the decks I have and see if we have marked cards.

In the meanwhile, please leave your comments on what you think of the different brands we are using. We have removed all the original "Vegas" brand cards we had. These were replaced with Copag and Sunny. Now we also have Gemaco and Modiano that we play No Limit Texas Hold'em poker tournaments with.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

FreeRolls at Doyle's Room

I've been playing online poker at Doyle's Room lately. The freerolls cost nothing to play and do not require you deposit any money. The Free Rolls include:

$5 Giveaway - Speed

There are about 6 or more of these free tournaments every day. The Play4Fun! does not pay anything to the winner, but it does not cost either. It is good practice.

I'm practicing and soon I will be playing in the money tournaments.

An online poker tournament is nothing like a live in person free tournament in a restaurant. It moves much faster. For the $5 giveaway speed tournaments, the blinds raise every 3 minutes with a break after one hour. There is a maximum of 500 players for the tournament. The payout for the $5 speed tournament goes to the top 27 players and ranges from $1.35 to $0.05 in prize money. Everyone starts with 2,000 in chips.

Play for Fun! MultiTourney
Best I can tell, for March this schedule exists. Thes are Texas Hold'em games only.
2:35 PM
10:30 PM

$5 Giveaway - Speed
There is no schedule posted fo the $5 giveaway tournaments. It seems that there is often very little notice for these, and they fill up fast. Some past times for this tournament have been

1:05 AM - Omaha H/L
5:05 AM - Omaha
9:05 AM - Omaha H/L
11:05 AM - Hold'em
1:05 PM - Omaha
5:05 PM - Omaha H/L
10:50 PM - Hold'em
11:50 PM - Hold'em

Friday, March 24, 2006

Poker Dictionary

I created an online poker dictionary today. The site is

About a year and a half ago I considered what would happen if I created a website with 20,000 web pages and put ads on the pages. My theory was that people would click on the ads and I would make money off of it. I was skeptical but I gave it a try. I took a public domain copy of Webster's dictionary from 1932 and created a database and then had web pages dynamically created from the dictionary data. It turned out when I was finished I had 104,000 web pages.

What truly surprised me was that from the first month I started getting revenue from the project. And I have gotten paid from it for more than 18 months. Of course, some months I make less than $20. But it was an experiment in search engine optimization (SEO) and internet advertising.

Back in November, I created a poker site with similar advertising. With only about 40 web pages, I was suddenly making almost the same amount of revenue. On the poker site my click through rate was higher and my revenue per click was much, much higher. Almost makes me want to create a web site about cancer.

So my poker dictionary is really a SEO trick to try to bring in more ad revenue, and of course promote the poker site. I'm curious how it will turn out.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Topless Dealers

I received an email today from a guy who is having a birthday and wanted a couple of topless poker dealers for his party at his house. I presume he wanted women, but why he is insistent they wear no hats is beyond me. In any event, I made some phone calls and found a couple of girls that met his requirements. It was not the easiest thing in the world as he wanted them for tomorrow. I'd appreciate it if the next guy gives me more notice.

This is not the first time I've found dealers for poker games. Every now and again I get a call that someone wants to have a private Texas Hold'em poker game and wants some topless girls to deal poker. So I have a small list of girls who want to make some extra money. So if you have boobs and want to make some extra money, let me know. Or if you want a little spice at your next poker party, give me a call. You might as well go all-in.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bus Trip To Atlantic City for Easter Poker

I've scheduled a bus trip to Atlantic City. We will be going to the Tropicana Casino for the day.

Date: Saturday, April 15, 2006
Departure time: 7:00 AM
Depart from: Fast Eddie's Parking lot in Fairfax
Arrive Casino: 11:00 AM
Depart Casino: Saturday Midnight
Return time: Sunday 4:00 AM
Cost: $50.00

We will be there for a full day and leave at midnight. You are free to go anywhere you wish, including other casinos. There will be a Texas Hold'em Tournament there, and you will be able to receive points on the website for the tournament. The Casino will be giving each person "bonus coin" and other promotion bonuses, but I don't have all the details yet. There is a Hooters at the Tropicana and all of us will be able to get a free order of wings when you pay for an order of wings. Lots of other promotions (I treated you right at the regional tournament, didn't I?).

The cost will be $50 roundtrip. You must pay in advance. I'd prefer you give me a check or cash in person at one of the poker tournaments, but you can also use PayPal to reserve your seat on the bus. We need your money to reserve your seat by April 2, 2006 (though I am going to try to get an extension.) If for any reason the trip is canceled you will receive a full refund.

More Information is available at

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who is Big Jim Slade?

Big Jim Slade is a name we remember from the Kentucky Fried Movie that was shown in theatres in about 1977. When he first appears, we hear the announcer say:

Sounds like a job for Big Jim Slade. Big Jim has a sexual appetite that will knock their socks off. Big Jim comes equipped with various whips and chains. Big Jim has been satisfying women all over the world. Former tight end, Kansas City Chiefs.
The Kentucky Fried Movie is a series of skits loosely pieced together by a parody of the plot of other films such as Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon. The movie comes complete with parody commercials. The various segments include Cleopatra Schwartz, His New Car, Eyewitness News, Household Odors, High Adventure, Argon, Danger Seekers, Courtroom, Nytex, P.M., Scot Free, Feel-A-Round, That's Armageddon, United Appeal for the Dead, Headache Clinic, A.M. Today, Catholic High School Girls in Trouble, Willer Beer, Nesson Oil, Sex Record, Zinc Oxide, and A Fistful of Yen.

Big Jim Slade is a fictitious football player who was featured in two of the skits in the movie. In the first of the two skits. Sex Record, Big Jim Slade (played by Manuel Perry) saves the day when a date goes bad and the girl (Sharon Kaugh) is left unsatisfied. Big Jim Slade splinters the apartment door, enters, scoops up the girl in his arms, and carries her off to fully satisfy her off screen.

Then in the second skit (A Fistful of Yen) Big Jim Slade enters the underground prison of Dr. Klahn to free the men who no longer had hope and no longer cared. He did this by grabbing the iron bar door and ripping it off the hinges. The ex-prisoners then rushed out to fight the masses of Klahn's army.

Big Jim Slade is a moniker used by the founder of the Red, White, and Blue Poker League in an effort to hide his real email address from spammers. In the movie, Big Jim Slade was black, and a football player. The man who uses the name today is neither of these, but he has been known to carry women off in his arms and fully satisfy them, as well as ripping doors off their hinges.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Poker Tables

Texas Hold'em Oval Poker TableI am selling several Texas Hold'em 7' oval poker tables with folding steel legs. These come with a padded rail, 10 cup holders built into the rail, a green playing surface, and a cover for when you fold the legs up and put it away. (The picture here is not the actual table, but looks very similar.)

I run and participate in local poker tournaments and as a result I buy lots of poker tables, both the oval Hold'em tables, and the eight player octagonal tables. I have some extra for sale. I bought several pallets of poker tables for local poker tournaments we hold, some eight player, and some 10 player. I am selling the excess 10 player tables I have. These are never used and still in the box and come with the full manufacturer's warranty. More information is at

If you want one of these tables you can pick it up at one of our public poker tournaments in Fairfax, or in Arlington. The retail price on these is $249 (and printed on the box) But I am selling them for $125. These are excellent tables for home poker tournaments. Several of our members use these and are very happy with them.

If you want one, I can meet you in Arlington, or you can pick one up at one of the local public free poker tournaments I hold at

Sunday, 6PM & 9PM at Whitlow's on Wilson in Arlington
Monday, 7PM & 10PM at Fast Eddies in Fairfax

For more information visit the poker league's web site at

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Poker Mondays

I'm looking for people to join me in playing Texas Hold'em Poker at Fast Eddie's in Fairfax on Mondays. We have two no limit tournaments, one at 7:00 and one at 10:00. The restaurant gives us prizes, usually gift certificates to the first and second place winners of each tournament.

The poker tournaments are free; there is no cost or buy-in. So you can't lose anything, you can only win. It's a great way for me to practice my poker skills. I also get to meet new people who are interested in playing in private poker games.

Every Monday, 7:00PM & 10:00PM

Fast Eddie's - Fairfax, VA
9687 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22032

Fast Eddie's is a great venue for us in that we get a private room – the front bar – all to ourselves. We can control the volume, the heat, and there are no other customers in there with us. We play on tables of eight players and there is room for 15 poker tables.

Fast Eddie's is located in the shopping center where 29 and 50 meet, near downtown Fairfax. Get a great half price burger and fries for about $3.50, or choose from their selection of sandwiches, steaks, crab legs, or other items on the menu. The nine ball sandwich (chicken) is great too. Come join us for fun, prizes, and to increase your poker skills.

The Red, White, and Blue Poker League also plays tournaments on
Sunday, 6PM & 9PM at Whitlow's on Wilson in Arlington
Monday, 7PM & 10PM at Fast Eddies in Fairfax

For more information visit our web site at

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Back Issues of Bluff Magazine Giveaway

I have a several boxes of back issues of Bluff magazine that I will give to anyone who wants a copy.

Bluff Magazine is America's Largest Poker Magazine with 250,000 copies printed and distributed nationwide. Bluff provides eager poker enthusiasts quality content which keeps them up with the fast-paced modern poker lifestyle. Regular contributors to Bluff Magazine include: Jennifer Tilly, Josh Arieh, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Laak, and Annie Duke.

I'll bring copies of the magazine with me when I'm at free poker games in local restaurants. The copies of the magazines will be on the registration table; just pick one up if you want one.

This week I'll be at
Sunday, 6PM & 9PM at Whitlow's on Wilson in Arlington
Monday, 7PM & 10PM at Fast Eddies in Fairfax

More information on locations is available at

Friday, March 17, 2006

Wednesday Night Cash Game

I've been playing at a friend's house most Wednesdays. He runs a no limit Texas Hold'em poker tournament at his home in Fairfax, VA with up to four tables. It is usually a $20 buy-in, but occassionally we have a more expensive game. Oddly, I never seem to win the tournament (well, I won once) but I normally make some money on the cash game afterwards.

For the next three weeks he will be out of town and the game will not be happening. So I have to find other things to do with my time on Wednesdays.

I need to find some more home games in the area, so if you know of any, let me know.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Casino Trip to Atlantic City

I'm putting together a bus trip to Atlantic City. We will probably leave from Fairfax, Virginia; alternately we might leave from Arlington, VA. Some proposed dates include:

Saturday, April 15, 2006
Saturday, April 22, 2006
Sunday, April 23, 2006
Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm thinking of leaving on Saturday at 7am, and head back at midnight to make it back home by about 4am. For Sunday trips, I'm thinking of leaving at 6am and being back home at about 11pm.

The cost of the trip will be $50. Whatever I decide, you can find more information at

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Free Poker at Whitlow's

Metro Accessible – Claredon Metro Station.

Play free Texas Hold'em Poker tournaments at Witlow's on Wilson in Claredon. This is no limit Texas Hold'em played tournament style. Each tournament lasts about three hours. There are two tournaments each Sunday evening. It's free, there is no cost or buy-in, but you can win prizes. We play on poker style tables with padded rails and green felt playing surfaces. We use Copag cards and high quality casino style chips from Chipco. We will have several tables of people playing in the tournament.

Every Sunday at 6:00PM and 9:00PM

Whitlow's on Wilson
2854 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, 22201

Whitlow's on Wilson is located two blocks from the Claredon Metro station. Free parking is available nearby at the DHS parking garage.

Prizes are given away each tournament for first and second place. The prizes are generally gift certificates for Whitlow's. Everyone at the final table also gets points which are tracked on our web site so you can see how you compare against the other players.

Come play for fun, play for prizes, and play to improve your poker skills.

The Red, White, and Blue Poker League also plays tournaments on
Sunday, 6PM & 9PM at Whitlow's on Wilson
Monday, 7PM & 10PM at Fast Eddies in Fairfax

More information is available at