Thursday, August 05, 2010

Blood Drive at the Casino

Recently, I found myself selling my blood to eat at the casino.

Technically, the Red Cross had a blood drive at the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.  Instead of a t-shirt, if you gave blood they gave you a free ticket to the Epic Buffet at the casino.  It was all you can eat crab leg night, so I gave it a try.

Just to let you know, I am not all that altruistic.  I think giving blood is a fine thing, but I did it for the crab legs, not for humanitarian reasons.  I happened to be at the Fleabag Motel across the street from the casino and noticed the blood drive on the casino's Facebook page.  I went in a little early before the poker room opened and gave blood and got a free meal.

The next blood drive will be Tuesday, September 28th from 10am - 4pm in the Skyline Ballroom.  Hope you can make it.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Insanity of Her Poker Life

A fellow player decided to start a blog.  It's hard to do, to write something on a regular basis.  It talks about her ups and downs with poker, maybe she is mostly down this week.

Not that she has lost money, just that she is doubting her poker skills and is down on an emotional level with it.

I'd be more supportive, but I don't write on my blog either.  So months have passed... Like Natasha, I am still trying to figure it out.

Visit 7-10 offsuit and read Natasha's blog.  Join in on the fun.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Expanded Poker in Charles Town West Virginia

Starting Thursday, August 12, 2010, Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races will have expanded poker room hours.

The poker room will open every day at 1:00, and stay open until 4:00 am.  Not quite 24 hours yet, but they are moving in that direction.  Better yet, they will expand from 16 tables to 25 tables.  (The number would be 27, but they have two poker tables out on loan.  Expect to see the other two tables to appear soon.)

Apparently the waiting list is gone.  They will just open the poker room at 1:00 each afternoon and seat people directly.

In addition to current Omaha and  limit/no limit Texas Hold'em poker games, they have announced they will also have limit/pot-limit Omaha 8 or better and 7 card stud.

There is also a rumor of more tables, in another poker room that will be in addition to, not a replacement for the existing poker tables. There has also been visible construction on the cashier's cage in the upstairs poker room.  It should be ready soon.

My guess is the significant wait in the poker room is now over.