Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home Game in Fairfax

I like playing in home poker games, but I prefer tournaments over cash games. I really don't get to play much, so I relish the opportunity when people will invite me and I have time to attend.

Last night I playing at a friend's house in Fairfax. There were four tables of eight, or about 32 players in the poker tournament. I was tired, not feeling well, grumpy, and I wanted to go home and go to bed. But it was just a few minutes after seven and I was dropping a friend off at the Vienna metro station, so I said to myself "Why not go play poker?"

I've only been to this game about three times. I was the bubble the first time, but we had a bubble fund, so I got my buy-in back. The second time I just plain lost. And for tonight's game I came in 4th. With $40 buy-in this gave me winnings of $195. After my buy-in of $40, $10 for the bubble, and $20 for pizza and other food, I was left with a $125 profit.

At one in the morning I didn't want to stay up more and play cash, so I left. Six hours and $125 makes $20.88 an hour. Or if you factor in all three games, about $3.61 an hour. It's obvious to me I'm not going to get rich playing this kind of poker, but I had fun.

I hate rebuy tournaments. This is a rebuy tournament and there is an add-on. I just don't put more money in and go with the chips I get when I start. I just play tight the first hour and wait it out. I guess it is not too bad, the rebuys do add to the pot.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Northern Virginia Regional for the Irish Open

Irish Open 2009

The Red, White, and Blue Poker League wants to help you win your way to Europe's most loved poker event, the Irish Open. Clear your calendar and pack your bags for Dublin on April 9th through 13th. The Irish Open is a five tournament, five day event, featuring a € 3 Million Guaranteed prize pool. Hosted by CityWest Hotel, the Irish Open is surrounded by legendary golf courses, famous Irish watering holes creating the most popular poker environment in all of Europe.

Each $7,000 Irish Open Prize Package includes:

  • A seat in the €3,500 Irish Open main event, playing April 10th to 13th, 2009.
  • Four nights accommodation at CityWest Hotel, Dublin Ireland.
  • $1,400 in expense money.
  • The Red, White, and Blue Poker League wants to give you a chance to win this prize package. We have two mini-regional events, both giving you a chance to win. The mini-regional will be held at KC's American Grille on Sunday, March 1st, and March 8th. The winner of each mini-regional will go on to play in the National Grande Finale the following weekend (online).