Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bounty Tournament

Last night at Addy's we had our first Bounty Tournament. Robert played in the tournament and there was a $50 bounty on him in addition to the regular first and second place prizes. This means that for the person who knocked Robert out of the tournament they got $50 cash.

Robert was moved from table to table during the game so that everyone had a chance to sit with him. Starting with 4,000 in chips, at one point Robert got down to 600 in chips and then built his chip stack back up.

Robert's final hand he went all in with pocket Kings against a 7-10 suited. A seven came out on the flop giving Matt a pair of sevens. Then another seven on the turn giving Matt a set and knocking Robert out of the tournament.

We'll have another bounty tournament next Wednesday at Addy's in Manassass.

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