Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home Game in Fairfax

I like playing in home poker games, but I prefer tournaments over cash games. I really don't get to play much, so I relish the opportunity when people will invite me and I have time to attend.

Last night I playing at a friend's house in Fairfax. There were four tables of eight, or about 32 players in the poker tournament. I was tired, not feeling well, grumpy, and I wanted to go home and go to bed. But it was just a few minutes after seven and I was dropping a friend off at the Vienna metro station, so I said to myself "Why not go play poker?"

I've only been to this game about three times. I was the bubble the first time, but we had a bubble fund, so I got my buy-in back. The second time I just plain lost. And for tonight's game I came in 4th. With $40 buy-in this gave me winnings of $195. After my buy-in of $40, $10 for the bubble, and $20 for pizza and other food, I was left with a $125 profit.

At one in the morning I didn't want to stay up more and play cash, so I left. Six hours and $125 makes $20.88 an hour. Or if you factor in all three games, about $3.61 an hour. It's obvious to me I'm not going to get rich playing this kind of poker, but I had fun.

I hate rebuy tournaments. This is a rebuy tournament and there is an add-on. I just don't put more money in and go with the chips I get when I start. I just play tight the first hour and wait it out. I guess it is not too bad, the rebuys do add to the pot.

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