Sunday, January 31, 2010

In Search of a Printer Cable

When I got home after running a poker tournament, I found several $25,000 value plaques in my pants pocket.  Guess I can put them into the poker supplies case tomorrow.

I have this really nice HP Laserjet 4100.  I bought it because it holds a full ream of paper.  Technology changes.  It will not attach to the USB port on my netbook.  I bought a USB to parallel cable, but the HP printer does not support it.  I called HP tech support.  They were less than forthcoming.  Since they were no help I theorized the bidirectional parallel port was not working correctly.  Maybe with a larger buffer in the printer I could get most documents to work.

I digress.  I bought a new inkjet cartridge for my color printer.  I needed a cable, so I bought  new USB printer cable for the old printer.  Knowing what would happen, I went to Best Buys who was well prepared to rip me off by selling me a $35 cable.

A few days later I found a cable for sale at Dollar Tree. It was, well, a dollar.

Off to print some poker Bonus Cards, brochures, and related stuff for the poker league.

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