Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Problem with Points

Ok.  So everyone complains about points in the Red, White, and Blue Poker League.  Some of the problem is the league's fault, but some of the problem is the player's.  There are two strategies to resolve issues - one is to mention it to Robert.  He usually fixes a problem within a day or so.  The other way is to create four pages of rants on Facebook stating that it is the third day of the quarter and you only have enough attendance points for three days.

The biggest problem with points is in the computer trying to match up what people write or type.  Here are some examples from real life.  Sorry, I don't mean to embarrass anyone.

The database lists
Domingo Unknown
Domingo Aguilar

Here Domingo did not put in his last name the first time, so the computer added "Unknown".  You and I may know who Domingo is, though I can't recall how to spell is last name if he doesn't write it, but the computer just does a strict match on the way the full name is spelled.

Or how about
Ronnie Thomas
Ronnie Thomas Jr
When I type this into the computer, I sometimes forget if Ronnie is Jr or not.  It was easy until his son started playing, who is
Ronnie Thomas III
I was making a mistake and adding Jr when it should be without Jr.

Some people put in a number, and some people don't put in a member number.  In theory, when the computer finds a member number it looks up to see what the original registration name was and then uses that name.  And sometimes the computer does this, but basically no one puts there number in every time.

So the player who sometimes goes by Steve, and sometimes by Steven gets two different entries in the points list.

Then of course there is the Best Player in the League who uses ten different names to sign in with, two totally different names in the last week.

In summary, there are three sources for your points entry.  You can type attendance points in the computer sign-in, you can scribble your name on a paper sign-out or sign-in, or the computer can look up your original registration name.

Now as for how it actually works, the member numbers while important, are mainly used to look up your photo or other information.  Your points are calculated totally on how your name is spelled.

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