Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In the Hospital

I'm sitting in the hospital wondering what is going to happen. It is now Wednesday. I really don't feel like typing this in.

On Thursday evening I started feeling bad at a poker tournament. On Friday after lunch a doctor at a walk in urgent care office told me while he did not know what I had, he suspected appendicitis. Specifically, he told me to go to the emergency room and get a CAT scan, or I would die. I told him I didn't feel confident with his diagnosis and that I wasn't going to the hospital and apparently was going to die.

My plan was to get some antibiotics and stay in bed for a few days and wait it out.

The weekend passed but on Monday the pain had not. I dropped by Addy's to look in on the poker tournament, collect some sign ups for the Atlantic City bus trip and then drove down to the emergency room. The delay to be seen was too short to use the free Wifi in the waiting room. I got the CAT scan, which involved my drinking a Barium isotope in four doses over three hours, then going through the machine.

After the results of the CAT scan were studied, my doctor told me she did not know the cause of my problem but was diagnosing me with "intestinal pain". This was obvious to me before coming in. Somehow I expected more from a multi-million dollar piece of diagnostic equipment.

I'm sitting in a hospital bed now. I'm told I have lots of infection near my appendix, which is also near several other organs. I'm told it's probably not appendicitis. I suspect the treatment for all the suspected ailments involve antibiotics, rest, and not eating.

Expect to see me Sunday at the $200 tournament, then on the bus trip to Atlantic City. Or, I might die instead. Who knows?

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