Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Limit Hold'em Double Up

I noticed a new type of tournament (well, new to me) on Doyle's Room called a Double Up tournament. It was cheap, so I tried it out. I paid $5 to play at a 10 person table. The idea is that the top five all win the same amount, double what their buy-in was.

After a few minutes I had three times the chips of the next player, and realized I was likely to be in the top five for a prize. Then it occurred to me that once I got to 5th place I would be assured the most that could be won. There would be no reason to continue. Maybe I should just go all in every hand until I get knocked out and collect my prize.

As it turned out the tourney ended once we got down to five players. I was the chip leader at the time and took first place. I collect my $10 and logged off to play another day.

There are other buy-in amounts. I see $1,000 and $100. I think I'll skip $1,000. Maybe I'll try a $100 Double Up next time.

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