Friday, April 23, 2010

The Illegal Immigrants of Poker

A Poker League is a microcosm of the world.

We have our doctors and lawyers.  They are, well, doctors and lawyers.  We have blue collars workers, white collar workers, and all types.  All are welcome.  It is a mix of society in our league.

We have our Illegal Immigrants too.  They don't distinguish themselves by being from another country.  They don't distinguish themselves by being part of a different race of people.  They are just the influx of poker players coming to us from another league.  A poker league whose economy has failed.  These displaced huddled masses of poker players want to come into our territory and use up our resources, since their actions and their leagues management's actions have bankrupted their poker economy and they have nowhere to go.

I'll let them in on a little secret.  The restaurants don't host poker games to find out who is the poker champ, they host games to sell beer and liquor.  If the poker players don't make purchases, then the economy collapses and there is no more poker.  As Ezra Pound proffers in his various writings, man's motivation is pecuniary in nature.

Don't let it happen to you.  Don't hurry up and eat dinner so you can get to the poker tournament, come to the venue to have dinner when you play poker. Buy a few drinks, but drink responsibly.  Come with someone else so someone can drive you home if need be.  And remember to tip your waitress.  If you are there for six hours, don't leave a dollar.  Make it worth her while to serve you.

And don't let your poker venue's economy collapse.

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Skamp Walker said...

After playing free bar poker for a few years....I have noticed quite a few venues that would be better off closed, then to be selling horrible food at outrageous prices to poker players that need that $40 that first place pays, so they can keep the electric on at home for one more week. That pendulum swings both ways.