Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Felted

I enjoy slow playing trips.  But it doesn't always work out.

Recently at the Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, WV, I flopped trips and slow played them only to lose to a straight on the river.  It was a big pot, in fact all the chips I had.  I looked down after the hand and saw no chips, only felt.

I bought back in and started playing poker again.

Losing all of your chips in a hand is as natural as breathing.  There is no reason to get upset about being felted.  It's part of the variance of playing poker.  Was I wise in my decisions?  Maybe not.  As time at the table passed, I got trips on the flop again.  You have to love those pocket pairs.  I slow played again.  Once agaon the river bit me.  I lost to a flush, but not all of my chips.

I kept playing and won back the chips I lost, then won back my original buy-in.  Then at some point in the wee hours of the morning I stood up with a profit for the day, despite my former losses.

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Dr House said...

Getting felted is normally the fault of the poker gods.

Getting felted because you slowplayed the second- or third-weakest possible monster hand hand in a draw-heavy board is your own damn fault though.

Food for thought.