Friday, July 23, 2010

Secret to Winning at Poker

Over time everyone at the poker table will get good hands the same percentage of the time.

To win at poker you have to develop a strategy that does not depend on your getting the best cards.

While this won't work very often, here is what happened to me recently.  I was dealt four of clubs and two of clubs.  Probably should fold, but, hey, why not?  I might get a flush.  I might get a straight.  I could flop trip deuces or flop trip fours.  Who knows, maybe the moon is really made of green cheese?

I called the seven dollars along with five others for a total of six players.  The flop comes out, it's club, club, trash.  I flopped a four flush.  That gives me a 35% chance of making a flush by the river.  Everyone checks to me.  I can feel runner, runner for trip deuces coming my way.  Seizing on a free card for my draw, I check.

The turn is a seven.  Everyone checks.  That extra club is out there somewhere.  I just know I'm going to win this pot one way or another.   But there is not much money there.  Only the $42 for the preflop bets.  I figure I better get some money in the pot - and of course push some people out of the hand.

I bet $20.  Everyone calls me.  I mean all of them with no hesitation.  I checked the flush draw, I guess I'm representing a pair of sevens.  This must mean everyone thinks they can beat a pair of zevens.  Technically what I doing is a bluff, maybe I will soon be "bluffing" a semi-bluff.  I am hoping to improve my hand, but my hand is so bad I'm playing the board at this point.

The river is another seven.  That's it for me, I have nothing.  Everyone checks to me.  But wait, if I was representing a pair of sevens, I am now representing a set of sevens.  Not a bad hand.  Without hesitation I quickly bet $40.

Everyone folds.  And I pull in a $162 pot with nothing.  I am sure that everyone had my four high beat.

You have to develop a way to win without having the best hand.

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Unknown said...

3 things that anyone playing poker wants: Position, Position, Position. Alot of the time you must play the players not your cards. Nice article sir. Well wrote/said.