Friday, May 05, 2006

Casino goes over the edge with latest marketing stunt

Online Casino has become famous for over-the-top advertising ideas, but now it looks as if it's taken their reputation literally. Eleven cars decked out in signage were driven over a cliff in Missouri with the Pope, Virgin Mary, Moses, a Rabbi, a midget Elvis, and Michael Jackson looking on. originally won the Cliff-Diving eBay auction for $2500 to send only one car off the cliff. Local media were already all over the event, but in typical fashion of making things bigger and wilder, the number of cars was upped to eleven for a total of $25,000 spent. If 1000 spectators showed up to the event, the casino promised to give another $10,000 to Lafayette House, a local charity whose primary focus are mental health and substance abuse services.

The look-alike characters on hand for the event, including the Virgin Mary and Pope, are a mock tribute to the wild and outrageous marketing events that have thrust into the spotlight over the last few years. EBay purchases like the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich for $28,000, and Pope Benedict XVI's former VW Golf for approximately $250,000, have made headlines for the casino all over the world.

Setting the standard in marketing creativity, has devised some of the most exciting and outrageous advertising campaigns in the past few years. Items such as the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Britney Spears' Pregnancy Test, and William Shatner's Kidney Stone have garnered extensive worldwide media attention for the casino. has also used their items and marketing reach to raise awareness and over $1,000,000 for various charities worldwide.

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