Saturday, May 06, 2006

Integrated Button Timers Impove Home Games

Two different button timers are available for Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments, one frm 3zilla and one from PJCC. The "ButtonTimer™ from 3zilla will benefit home poker games. The company, 3zilla LLC, announced today the introduction of what it claims to be the first of-its-kind Texas Hold Em patent pending original invention for the poker tournament arena -- the ButtonTimer™, an authentic casino dealer button with an integrated timer.

Interestingly, this "first of-its-kind" item is very similar to the Poker Dealer Button exclusively sold by PJCC for some time now. But the 3zilla product does have better styling than the PJCC product. An all in one dealer button and timer is a must for any Texas hold'em home game! Great for a casual home game.

The PJCC button functions as both a dealer button, and more importantly, a timer to let you know when to raise the blinds. The built in timer can be programmed in increments of 5 minutes, all the way up to 90 minutes. An alarm goes off to let you know that time has expired. Just press "PAUSE" to stop the alarm, and then press "REPLAY" to start the timer again at its predetermined time.

This will allow for a faster and more professional game setting at a nominal cost. The PJCC timer is slightly larger than a normal dealer button, fitting easily into your standard poker chip case. On the back of the dealer button/timer is printed the "Poker Hand Ranks", an added bonus for beginning players.

In contrast and to its credit, the 3zilla ButtonTimer™ has the same look, feel, and size of dealer buttons used in casinos today. Of course, it comes with one significant difference, it has a built-inprogrammable timer which keeps track of the time and alerts the players during tournament play when time has elapsed. The invention combines two poker accessories into one to be used during poker tournament play.

The poker industry as a whole has been named the fastest growing sport in the world. Television specials such as the World Series of Poker, theWorld Poker Tour, and Celebrity Poker Showdown have popularized the game, namely Texas Hold Em, to millions of new people. As a result, the number of poker games in casinos, online, and in homes has also grown rapidly resulting in record sales for poker chips and poker tournament accessories. Testing of the ButtonTimer™ throughout poker communities in Southern California has already generated significant interest and hundreds of pre-orders.

The ButtonTimer™ inventor states, "For many years now, my friends and I have held weekly poker games every Friday evening. During one of our many games, I noticed what a convenience it would be if the dealer button could serve as a timer to keep track of the rounds. Being a life long enthusiast, I put myself in the position of the poker player, did my due diligence, and came out with a well thought out design for the market. It's simple and easy touse and we believe you will soon see the ButtonTimer™ in every professional and amateur Texas Hold Em tournament." For more information or to purchase the ButtonTimer™, please visit

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