Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hooters Poker Club Shirt Prize

The Red, White, and Blue Poker League got it's start running tournaments at area Hooters restaurants. That was several years ago, and we don't play there anymore, but I wanted to renew my relationship with the company.

Part of that has been they have given us a number of freebies to use as prizes in our tournaments. Recently we gave away, as an additional tournament prize, a Hooters Poker Club shirt at Addy's Bar and Grill, then later at KC's American Grille.

Tonight on the Third Thursday tournament at KC's, Deborah Brown won the second tournament and took home the Hooters Poker Club shirt.

It's a nice blue shirt. Made by Dickies. It has a collar, buttons up the front, a fan of cards and Hooters Poker Club emblem over the front pocket, and the back has a large full color playing card (a King drinking beer) and says Hooters Poker Club.

Joey Lee was the winner at Addy's in the second tournament on the Last Wednesday of the month. He won the Hooters Poker Club shirt there.

We are going to be doing some more promotions with Hooters. We have the Hooters Poker Club meeting at noon on the third Saturday of each month. We have some of the Hooters Girls, in uniform, playing poker with us at KC's. They gave me a Hooters Shirt to wear at poker tournaments. And we have some Hooters Girls going to Atlantic City with us.

Look for more interactions between the Red, White, and Blue Poker League and Hooters.

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