Friday, March 06, 2009

WSOP $300 Event

It's Friday morning, and the next WSOP event is for $300+$40 at noon at Caesars. I'm there and so are 900 other players. The purse is about $280,000 with the lion's share going to first place.

I really would have expected about 1,100 players. I attribute the difference to a bad economy. My play is average. I finally start to die os slow death of attrition after the dinner break and finish as number 159. They pay the top 90.

Time to go home, or is it?

I drive up to Harrah's to catch the Friday night 8:15 tournament. I rock. People keep losing chips to me. I'm mostly going form straights and flushes, and I keep catching the straight. I get them about one time out of three that I try. (This means I'm folling the odds.)

But the players I'm up against just won't believe I keep having my straights. To be honest at some point I didn't catch and everyone folded to me anyway. When we got down to two tables, I had 24% of all chips in play sitting in front of me.

A final table, a few more hands, and I'm the winner. It was a small tournament, so I only won $2,200. But at least my week was over and I have gas money to get home.

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