Thursday, March 05, 2009

Poker at Billy's

Today was a resting day for me. I do not have a WSOP event today. I'm only going to play in a tournament or two and maybe some cash games. My plan is to play at Showboat and while there to pick up a baseball cap for a friend, maybe from the House of Blues company store.

I got up early for the breakfast buffet at Caesars, then down to the poker room there for some cash game time. I was too tired to play, so back to my room for a morning nap. I missed the 2:00 tournament at Showboat (and the 1:00 at Bally's for that matter.) I ate a late lunch at the Bally's Diamond Club, easily the prettiest of the Atlantic City Diamond Clubs.

I changed my mind and decided on the Bally's 7:00 tournament rather than the Showboat game. Billy's poker room at Bally's is on the 6th floor of the same tower I am staying in, so it is an easy walk. But there was no game as they only had WSOP second chance events that day. So it was off to Showboat

As fate woudl have it the regular 7PM game was replaced with a semi-private tournament with a $200 buy-in. It was a bunch of farmers come to AC for a convention. There were 180 farmers and me in the tournament. I figured this to be a turkey shoot. Top prize was about $6,000 for first place.

I don't know what went rong. I barely made it past the first break. Then I was out of the tournament. And out another $200.

Tomorrow is the WSOP event. Either I win that and stay for a few more days, or I scronge gas money to get home.

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