Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jamal Plays in Irish Open Grande Finale

Last Sunday we had our first of two mini regional poker tournaments to try to win the $7,000 prize package for the Irish Open. The tournament began at 5pm and lasted about three and a half hours. At that point we had a winner of the regional, ready for the Saturday Grande Finale.

Jamal Sullivan is the man we sent to the first National Grande Finale for the Irish Open. There were 88 players in the tournament that started at 2:00 PM Saturday. Representing Team Red, White, and Blue Poker, Jamal doubled up on his first hand.

In the first hand a player caught a set of 7's, but Jamal produced a set of 8's at the showdown, winning the first hand. If only the rest of the tourney could have gone like that for Jamal. A few ugly hands later he was back to an average size stack like everyone else.

In the end, Jamal finished 44th out of 88, a disappointing finish for him

Jamal says "I like Doyle's Room… I'll play there a lot more."

Next Saturday we have our second player we are sending, Steve Loving. We hope Steve can make it to the top.

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