Saturday, March 25, 2006

FreeRolls at Doyle's Room

I've been playing online poker at Doyle's Room lately. The freerolls cost nothing to play and do not require you deposit any money. The Free Rolls include:

$5 Giveaway - Speed

There are about 6 or more of these free tournaments every day. The Play4Fun! does not pay anything to the winner, but it does not cost either. It is good practice.

I'm practicing and soon I will be playing in the money tournaments.

An online poker tournament is nothing like a live in person free tournament in a restaurant. It moves much faster. For the $5 giveaway speed tournaments, the blinds raise every 3 minutes with a break after one hour. There is a maximum of 500 players for the tournament. The payout for the $5 speed tournament goes to the top 27 players and ranges from $1.35 to $0.05 in prize money. Everyone starts with 2,000 in chips.

Play for Fun! MultiTourney
Best I can tell, for March this schedule exists. Thes are Texas Hold'em games only.
2:35 PM
10:30 PM

$5 Giveaway - Speed
There is no schedule posted fo the $5 giveaway tournaments. It seems that there is often very little notice for these, and they fill up fast. Some past times for this tournament have been

1:05 AM - Omaha H/L
5:05 AM - Omaha
9:05 AM - Omaha H/L
11:05 AM - Hold'em
1:05 PM - Omaha
5:05 PM - Omaha H/L
10:50 PM - Hold'em
11:50 PM - Hold'em

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Big Jim Slade said...

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1. Open a Neteller or Firepay Account, or

2. Sign up at Doyle's Room using the refferal code of RWB110B, using the URL

3. Download the client software.

4. Using the client software, fund your real money account for $50 or more using Firepay or Neteller.

You shoud now have $105.00 or more in your account. Information about the freerolls will be coming soon.