Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who is Big Jim Slade?

Big Jim Slade is a name we remember from the Kentucky Fried Movie that was shown in theatres in about 1977. When he first appears, we hear the announcer say:

Sounds like a job for Big Jim Slade. Big Jim has a sexual appetite that will knock their socks off. Big Jim comes equipped with various whips and chains. Big Jim has been satisfying women all over the world. Former tight end, Kansas City Chiefs.
The Kentucky Fried Movie is a series of skits loosely pieced together by a parody of the plot of other films such as Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon. The movie comes complete with parody commercials. The various segments include Cleopatra Schwartz, His New Car, Eyewitness News, Household Odors, High Adventure, Argon, Danger Seekers, Courtroom, Nytex, P.M., Scot Free, Feel-A-Round, That's Armageddon, United Appeal for the Dead, Headache Clinic, A.M. Today, Catholic High School Girls in Trouble, Willer Beer, Nesson Oil, Sex Record, Zinc Oxide, and A Fistful of Yen.

Big Jim Slade is a fictitious football player who was featured in two of the skits in the movie. In the first of the two skits. Sex Record, Big Jim Slade (played by Manuel Perry) saves the day when a date goes bad and the girl (Sharon Kaugh) is left unsatisfied. Big Jim Slade splinters the apartment door, enters, scoops up the girl in his arms, and carries her off to fully satisfy her off screen.

Then in the second skit (A Fistful of Yen) Big Jim Slade enters the underground prison of Dr. Klahn to free the men who no longer had hope and no longer cared. He did this by grabbing the iron bar door and ripping it off the hinges. The ex-prisoners then rushed out to fight the masses of Klahn's army.

Big Jim Slade is a moniker used by the founder of the Red, White, and Blue Poker League in an effort to hide his real email address from spammers. In the movie, Big Jim Slade was black, and a football player. The man who uses the name today is neither of these, but he has been known to carry women off in his arms and fully satisfy them, as well as ripping doors off their hinges.

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